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First Impressions // Starter

Blaine got to set earlier than his call time asked him to and took the extra few minutes to get some coffee and breakfast from craft services. The call sheet read that he should be going to hair and makeup in twenty minutes with a call time of 10 am for his scene. He hoped that he would be able to meet this guest. Aiden was supposed to be horrible in the subject but he wanted the scene to be believable. Brad told him the day before that they hired a chemist correspondent who happened to be young. The way he emphasized “young” made Blaine want to investigate this guy on his own and found out that he was, in fact, his own age.

He grabbed his script from his trailer and sat in his folding chair before going to hair and makeup. There was no call time for this Kurt fellow so it was just a waiting game. He seemed very nice when he talked to him last night but there was not much for him to go off. Brad, the director told him little information about him which was frustrating because he wanted to meet him before they were supposed to film. What was the point of having a chemist come to set if they were not about to interact before the scene? He occupied himself by reading over his lines for the umpteenth time and sipped on his coffee. There was no reason to get frustrated over this, this was not the time to be a perfectionist.

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